Jesus was Smart, and an Entrepreneur



In case you never thought about it before, let me tell you, Jesus was smart. That’s right he was really smart. We often forget that.Think of all the words you and others have often times used to describe Jesus, “gentle Jesus meek and mild”.    We use words like compassionate, wise, loving, Savior, and lots of other words to describe all of the things that go into describing the personality, the person, the practices, and the life of our Lord. But smart is not usually one of them. But he was, and that’s important to know

One of the ways we see this is in one of his most famous sayings and teachings.. One of my mentors says that if we want to understand anything about life in the Gospel, we need to take this saying seriously; very seriously.

Because here in a modern paragraph and paraphrase is what Jesus said.  Boys if you are serious about following me, and this saving the world deal, you’re going to have to work hard.  You’re going to have to live and follow me, and trust the father. You are going to have to be smart.”

And here is the line that describes that. “You’re going to have to be gentle, kind, and caring, and soft as a dove. .. And you are going to have to be wise, savvy sharp, and wily, like a snake.”

Yes that’s what he said. The incredible paradox, we might say, “well which one what do you mean which is the most important? … They’re very different, in fact they are kind of opposites.” And with a smile the smart Jesus would look us straight in the eye and say, yes.

Now what do you think about that gentle as bird and wise as a serpent stuff.

And with a smile the smart Jesus would like a straight in the eye and say Yes.


Yes to both.  To be a Christian Entrepreneur you’re going to have to listen to the smart Jesus who said, “gentle as a dove and wise as a snake.”


Just let that sit on your head for a while


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